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Trent Wilkie is a writer/journalist/performer in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Trent has written for CBC Radio (The Irrelevant Show), See Magazine,, FFWD Magazine and Canadian Emergency News. Trent is also a member of Mostly Water Theatre (, a sketch comedy troupe that has been dubbed as ” a perfect mix of boneheadedness and sophistication”. As well, he has also been a wilderness canoe guide for close to ten years and considers the deep dark woods a therapy that only comes at the cost of comfort. When not being overwhelmingly eclectic, Trent likes to relax while watching horror movies.



This wolf in cop’s clothing is the real deal. Wolfcop, the story of a police officer with boozing tendencies and a lycanthropy problem, will be coming to an Edmonton Cineplex theatre on […]

Godzilla 2014 Review


CAST: Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Lieutenant Ford Brody, USN, an EOD technician. Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, a scientist with Monarch. Bryan Cranston as Joe Brody, Ford’s father, a nuclear physicist and former engineer at the Janjira nuclear […]


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