Interview with GOT’s Sean Savage

    For Sean Savage, being a camera operator is more than just helping frame a shot. Savage, who shot the films The Last Kingdom, Elizabeth and is the ‘A’ camera operator on the dragon production team for Game of Thrones, sees himself more of a visual interpreter than just a camera operator. “I’m translating … Continue reading Interview with GOT’s Sean Savage


Rheo makes media consumption easy

“The way we find media has changed,” says Alan Cannistraro, CEO of Rheo. “What technology has done of the past few year is it has really catered to the idea that if you know what you want then it really easy to find stuff. But if you don’t know what you want, then it really … Continue reading Rheo makes media consumption easy

Story Summit 2017: Ed Lantz

*This is the first in a series of stories focusing on a lovely little gathering in Banff called The Story Summit. I was invited there by the inventive people of AMPIA to cover the conference and I will be tweeting insights and photos from here, here, here, and here. Any questions or insights, email me … Continue reading Story Summit 2017: Ed Lantz