BIO: Lindsey McNeill is a writer, filmmaker, and AMPIA nominated actress. Due to her epic celluloid deaths in the local short films Trespassing, Surprise Party, and Nightmare Island 3: Rise of the Blood Queen, Lindsey established a niche in the horror genre and crowned herself "Scream Queen of the B Scene." Lindsey is the co-creator and screenwriter of the feature … Continue reading THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 46: Lindsey McNeill


The Mom-Line

Originally posted in the Sherwood Park News. Sometimes, men get a bad rap. We aren’t emotional enough, or we are too aggressive, or we think that The Bachelorette is the post-modern equivalent to the guillotine, you know, basic stuff. One thing that we do deserve is being made fun of for how whiny we are … Continue reading The Mom-Line

Of Snowplows, Haikus and Interviews.

I recently put out a calling on twitter for haikus. They range from the iconic to the impending. I took liberties with the titles. This is what I wonderfully got: I Am A Truth Leviathan A grey snowy day I lost my purple pencil Poetry is hard - @senseincity Televised Rhinoplasty Wilkie wants hiaku winter … Continue reading Of Snowplows, Haikus and Interviews.