Top Ten most visited links on

Tomorrow will be my birthday and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic. So, I've done what any self-absorbed nitwit would do. I've created a top ten list the most visited posts on my blog. Also, I had a good old fashioned pity cry/laugh in the shower. Who is your hero now Canadian astronaut and inspirational lecturer … Continue reading Top Ten most visited links on


Every Last Wish – Danielle Knibbe – EP Review

Album Every Last Wish - Danielle Knibbe Overview 6 song EP from Edmonton ex-pat now living in Toronto, Onterrible. Title Works within the context of the album. Nothing too flashy, to the point and poignant. Like her music. Cover Crayon? Pencil crayon? Carefree and in the midst of change. Childish, but not in the negative … Continue reading Every Last Wish – Danielle Knibbe – EP Review

MGMT Self-titled Album Review

Album MGMT Self-titled Overview Third album from the slick whimsy of psychodelicrates  Andrew VanWyngarden and Benjamin Goldwasser. Title Self-titled. I mean, why not? And at the same time, why? Cover As convoluted as the album. As androgynous as a goldfish. Makes a skateboarder skatebored. Best song(s) Hard to tell them apart. I'm not being sarcastic. … Continue reading MGMT Self-titled Album Review