Cold November an intimate creation

Cold November is the refreshing tale of a rural matriarchal family and their history with the custom of modern-day hunting. The story revolves around adolescent Florence (Bijou Abas) and is as much a coming of age tale as it is a cultural study. There is hardship, there is family, but most of all, there is just … Continue reading Cold November an intimate creation


Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty

Several years ago Samara Von Rad and I put on a fundraiser for our lovely friend Christian Zyp. It was a series of 'deleted scenes' from well-known television shows that we wrote in a very satirical fashion. I just found this one in my draft pile. I was never used. I now set it free … Continue reading Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty

Giving the heart a hand

A good documentary enthralls and informs you, even if you went into it without any clue of what it was about. “We have heard a lot about the invisible hand of markets, let us bring the invisible heart of markets to help those whom the invisible hand has left behind.” This statement by Sir Ronald … Continue reading Giving the heart a hand