The Jane Austen Drinking Game

Here is the Jane Austen Drinking Game performed live, Edmonton International Fringe Festival 2008. Here is the link to the rules. Don't let this happen.


Fight! Fairies VS Leprechauns

Before the large giants known as Celts roamed the island of Ireland, it was beset with magical folk. The leprechauns, pygmy like mischief-makers, and fairies, cast off angels (or in some cases, babies’ laughs turned solid). These two immortal enemies had many great battles in their time, so great, that we still read their tales … Continue reading Fight! Fairies VS Leprechauns

Fight! Ravers VS Hippies

Once a realm ruled exclusively by Hippies, the altruistic, drugged-out musical lifestyle has sheltered a new subculture for nearly a decade now. Ravers — or “children of the night,” as they have fawningly named themselves — are the next generation in the alternative lifestyle corral. Both groups are fundamentally pacifist, but what if someone laced … Continue reading Fight! Ravers VS Hippies

Survival Tips For All Occasions

Let’s say that everything you see on TV and read in the papers is true: we really are about to bottom out economically. There are two things that can happen here — Bad and Worse. The Bad: things that used to be cheap won’t be, and the line between who has money and who doesn’t … Continue reading Survival Tips For All Occasions

Free Ideas

I have a problem, I can’t stop thinking. I remember over 90% of my dreams. When I’m staring at something I'm thinking about how bored fish must be. When I’m being yelled at by the cops I’m thinking of ways they could yell at me better. Truthfully, I’m never bored. With that said, here are some … Continue reading Free Ideas

Interview with pornographer/educator Buck Angel

For a guy, Buck Angel has an awesome vagina. “Vagina — I hate the word vagina,” says pornographer/educator Buck Angel. “I prefer to use the word ‘pussy.’ ‘Vagina,’ it seems so yucky. No wonder people can’t wrap their minds around it. It’s not cute.” Sorry, let me start again. For a guy, Buck Angel has … Continue reading Interview with pornographer/educator Buck Angel

Alex Debogorski – Ice Road Trucker

I believe in three irreversible truths when it comes to dealing with certain situations. One, if I had to fight my way through an angry mob; I want Marty McSorley on my side. Two, if I ever have to survive a military interrogation; I want Ghandi as my legal representation. And three, if the world … Continue reading Alex Debogorski – Ice Road Trucker