Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty

Several years ago Samara Von Rad and I put on a fundraiser for our lovely friend Christian Zyp. It was a series of 'deleted scenes' from well-known television shows that we wrote in a very satirical fashion. I just found this one in my draft pile. I was never used. I now set it free … Continue reading Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty


Tamarind Nectar beverage review

At the suggestion of Andriko Lozowy and the Sailin' On vegan food truck at the Edmonton Folk Festival, I've decided to review the Tamarind Nectar beverage from Jumex. Lozowy suggested it was a hard sell which made me a bit hesitant, but as a man who once ate his weight in Big Turk bars, I've never been … Continue reading Tamarind Nectar beverage review

Stephen Harper Fan Fiction

24 Sussex.  Usually, a snow laden quiet tranquility covered the home of the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. But not today. But not today the heck at all. Today was the day. The day that ended days. The day that days called for reference to see if what they were seeing was true when it … Continue reading Stephen Harper Fan Fiction

Hamlet: As told on the street by Shel Silverstein

Synopsis: Two men, one guitar, one play and many raps. It's Hamlet as told on the street written by the timeless Shel Silverstein. If you haven't heard of Silverstein, this is one of those times that I feel safe looking at you and saying: Srsly? Totes WTF (as the kids say)! Contact me, Trent Wilkie, … Continue reading Hamlet: As told on the street by Shel Silverstein

The Interview Project 41 – 50

The end (for now) of the interview project. THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 41: Auralia Brooke THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 42: Brendon Wilkie THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 43: EQ THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 44: Janelle Aker THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 45: Dr. Jokes THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 46: Lindsey McNeill THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 47: Lascaux Proxy THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 48: Antonio Bavaro THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 49: Jennah Barry THE INTERVIEW PROJECT … Continue reading The Interview Project 41 – 50

The Mom-Line

Originally posted in the Sherwood Park News. Sometimes, men get a bad rap. We aren’t emotional enough, or we are too aggressive, or we think that The Bachelorette is the post-modern equivalent to the guillotine, you know, basic stuff. One thing that we do deserve is being made fun of for how whiny we are … Continue reading The Mom-Line

Jai Alai-ghts 2012

My apologies right off the bat. I'm going to do what most people hate. I'm going to drive my helicopter of self absorption to Lamesville and park it in Mayor Obvious' spot and give Dr. Uncreative a call. Yep, I'm going to 'best of 2012' all over the place. Aside from the obvious (engagement to the … Continue reading Jai Alai-ghts 2012