‘Fantasy’ drenched with reality

  Samara Von Rad's first release is a fun little EP named Fantasy. This thoughtful collection (which she hopes will grow into a full-blown album) contains enough high-quality musicianship to make you forget that this rad-badness is as indie as fuck. Track reviews: Zombie in Love A driving rhythm that is sonically and lyrically locomotive. The … Continue reading ‘Fantasy’ drenched with reality


Enabling hate

Kerry Diotte is my Minister of Parliament (MP). He is my representative in Ottawa. He is the person I go to in hopes of having a national voice to air my opinions on the state of the country in which I live. Recently, my MP attended and spoke at a rally organized by an alt-right website. … Continue reading Enabling hate

Somebody Has To Say It All

I was once told that trying to explain canoe trip to people was like trying to cut vegetables with a screwdriver. Here is my attempt. Yesterday sucked. And it was awesome. I had been paddling on the North Saskatchewan River for three days, each day an 8 hour paddle. I had put in at Drayton … Continue reading Somebody Has To Say It All

Send a friend some Dicks By Mail

What do you give someone who has everything? If you said a bag of dicks then you've come to the right place. Dicks By Mail is just that, a bag of (gummy) dicks sent anonymously to whomever you want. Be it your ex,  your boss, or just your friends, site owner and Edmontonian Brady Grumpelt thinks … Continue reading Send a friend some Dicks By Mail

Tamarind Nectar beverage review

At the suggestion of Andriko Lozowy and the Sailin' On vegan food truck at the Edmonton Folk Festival, I've decided to review the Tamarind Nectar beverage from Jumex. Lozowy suggested it was a hard sell which made me a bit hesitant, but as a man who once ate his weight in Big Turk bars, I've never been … Continue reading Tamarind Nectar beverage review

The Dungarees at the Pawn Shop Feb. 27 – An interview with Robb Angus

Writing for a newspaper has its benefits and its detractions. Sometimes, the detractions are that stoic humour doesn't translate into print. I interviewed James Murdoch (second from left) of the Dungarees earlier this week and his answers were sound and to the point. I added Robb Angus (center) to this interview and his answers were...hard … Continue reading The Dungarees at the Pawn Shop Feb. 27 – An interview with Robb Angus

Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus

During a recent canoe trip down the North Saskatchewan River I had a rather interesting experience. While eating lunch on the river bank, a beaver swam by with a big-juicy-leafy-branch and I joked that if it wanted, there was a seat open by me. Well, it stopped swimming as I said this and turned towards … Continue reading Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus

Hamlet: As told on the street by Shel Silverstein

Synopsis: Two men, one guitar, one play and many raps. It's Hamlet as told on the street written by the timeless Shel Silverstein. If you haven't heard of Silverstein, this is one of those times that I feel safe looking at you and saying: Srsly? Totes WTF (as the kids say)! Contact me, Trent Wilkie, … Continue reading Hamlet: As told on the street by Shel Silverstein