Subscriber Benefits!

Hello there random internet human! You look wonderful today! Your shirt/shoes/umbrella sword really complements your eyes/hair/home made D&D dice bag. Since we are on the subject, how do you feel about the current state of the economy/environment/zombie apocolypse? I agree! Have you seen the latest internet meme? With that out of the way, I would … Continue reading Subscriber Benefits!

Interview with Blizzcon’s “Red Shirt Guy”

Me: First of all, what is your real name? Red Shirt Guy: Hello there. My name is Karlag Tallwhispers. Me: ...that's your real name? RSG: That is my real gaming name yes thank you. Me: What is your real human name? RSG: I prefer not to say. Me: That is fair. How was Blizzcon this … Continue reading Interview with Blizzcon’s “Red Shirt Guy”

Dating Tips

The problem with dating is that people take it too seriously. The ultimate goal of any date should be to simply find a person you can spend the rest of your living existence with. No big deal when you think about it. How to meet people, attire, conversation and future dates all sounds complicated, but … Continue reading Dating Tips

Twitter Trend Sentences: October 27, 2010 – 4:20 pm

Not knowing or following any of these “trending topics” on twitter, I decided to take them and form them into sentences with themes. Canada – Erotic theme While Ray Cyrus got dark knighted by several happy cowboys, Colby Armstrong tished his Playstation phone right into Marie Claire’s “josemolina”. Then things got sexy. United States- Gossip … Continue reading Twitter Trend Sentences: October 27, 2010 – 4:20 pm

Top Three Fälschung Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

Sex Kill - 2002 Description - A down and out Berlin prostitute finds out the best way to make money, besides hooking, is to be a part time hired assassin. Scene to be seen – After killing the Estonian Delegate, she finds herself face to face with another assassin who is looking to get into … Continue reading Top Three Fälschung Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

A Hazingly Good Intro to Edmonton

With all this talk of U of A hazing (another awesome party that I missed!), I thought I would bring out this focus piece I did on introducing new students to Edmonton. No need for special masks...yet. EVERYONE LOOK HERE! Dear Students, welcome to the thriving metropolis of Edmonton! We welcome you with a firm … Continue reading A Hazingly Good Intro to Edmonton

Zombies VS. Office Workers

Pitting the all-consuming, ravenous, wandering sensibilities of the office worker against the metaphorical embodiment of their undead doppelgängers is like watching cannibals eating cannibals. Let’s see who comes out on top! Motivation The office worker hates what he does and always looks forward to that next big thing. The Nickelback show or Beyoncé’s new album … Continue reading Zombies VS. Office Workers