Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty

Several years ago Samara Von Rad and I put on a fundraiser for our lovely friend Christian Zyp. It was a series of 'deleted scenes' from well-known television shows that we wrote in a very satirical fashion. I just found this one in my draft pile. I was never used. I now set it free … Continue reading Deleted Scenes – Duck Dynasty


Saturn Cave, Cuba

I'v always been a fan of the natural world. From the simple harmony to the brash vastness, I consider it my place of worship. It is indifferent to me. I appreciate its honesty. Found near Varadero, Saturn Cave (Cueva de Saturno) is a marvel of feral splendour. Elizabeth, the Bean and I were lucky to spend some time in it with just a … Continue reading Saturn Cave, Cuba

The Temptation of Saint Anthony

The Temptation of Saint Anthony 20 by 16 foot wall. Green with orange Day-Glo tape Painted by Rabo Karabekian Purchased by  the Mildred Barry Memorial Center for the Arts in Midland City, Ohio: $50,000 (American funds, 1973) Description of work: "(The picture) shows everything about life which truly matters, with nothing left out. It is a picture of … Continue reading The Temptation of Saint Anthony

Stephen Harper Fan Fiction

24 Sussex.  Usually, a snow laden quiet tranquility covered the home of the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. But not today. But not today the heck at all. Today was the day. The day that ended days. The day that days called for reference to see if what they were seeing was true when it … Continue reading Stephen Harper Fan Fiction

Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus

During a recent canoe trip down the North Saskatchewan River I had a rather interesting experience. While eating lunch on the river bank, a beaver swam by with a big-juicy-leafy-branch and I joked that if it wanted, there was a seat open by me. Well, it stopped swimming as I said this and turned towards … Continue reading Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus

Mission House Church

Driving towards our first honeymoon destination, there was a 'point of interest' sign along the road. This was the point of interest.  The church had several tributes and memorials. This is Elizabeth reading one such thing. She is a white dwarf star of knowledge.  Look. A shitty fence. Site of the actual Mission House. Burned … Continue reading Mission House Church

The Interview Project 41 – 50

The end (for now) of the interview project. THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 41: Auralia Brooke THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 42: Brendon Wilkie THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 43: EQ THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 44: Janelle Aker THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 45: Dr. Jokes THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 46: Lindsey McNeill THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 47: Lascaux Proxy THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 48: Antonio Bavaro THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 49: Jennah Barry THE INTERVIEW PROJECT … Continue reading The Interview Project 41 – 50


BIO: The daughter of a choir director and the hardest working man in Nova Scotia, Jennah Barry is a singer, songwriter and musician. After watching her video for Slow Dance, and on a whim, I decided to contact Jennah Barry though the most antiquated form of messaging service available, Facebook. At the time, she was in the throwes … Continue reading THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 49: Jennah Barry


BIO: ANTONIO BAVARO performs in & between boundaries: being a professional actor/writer/cabaret host/gender bending artiste & a Grant MacEwan Uni. Theatre Arts graduate & soon to receive a BFA in Concordia Uni.’s Theatre & Development program. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, their practice has shaped to new heights since throwing themselves into the hot poutine of Montréal 4 … Continue reading THE INTERVIEW PROJECT 48: Antonio Bavaro