We all need Gargamel.

El Gargamellio

It’s like yin and yang, without one, you could not have the other. You need something to compare it to; you need a catalyst. Gargamel is said catalyst in the Smurfs. He is a motivator, a pursuer, a reason to be on your toes and vigilant.

As a child, I watched the Smurfs diligently. My friend Chris Lewis had all the figurines. We would create smurf worlds and smurf lore and had all the smurfs take turns smurfing Smurfette; it was a boy’s haven. But as I grew older, I realized that I was the Gargamel to my own smurfdome. I was my own worst enemy to my own best interest. And just as Gargamel still hunts the smurfs on some weird astro/French plane, I still am the thing that hunts and runs away from myself. Now, if I could just catch me, well then I would probably turn myself to gold.

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