The Situation – Top 9 Songs of 2010

Sometimes when listening to certain songs, you get an image in your head. Now, this image may not make sense to a lot of people…in fact it may not even make sense to you. But for some reason, if this situation were ever to occur, this song would be thumping around on the inside of your skull like and army of horny bees looking for an exit. Here is my list of songs that did just that in 2010:

If you ever have to convince a group of children that they are actually robots.

“Before the Earth Was Round” — Ok Go — Of the Blue Colour of the Sky

If you ever have to break up with someone because you heard they were going to break up with you first:

“Enemy Gene” — Of Montreal — False Priest

For that car ride to the secluded wood where you are going to bury that body in the trunk:

“The Journey” — Nick Cave andWarren Ellis — The Road Soundtrack

For the interpretive dance you are doing in front of your psychologist to help better explain your repeating alien birth dream:

“Flash Delirium” — MGMT — Congratulations

If you ever plan on filming yourself walking across the high level bridge in slow motion holding a large candle and then playing it backwards to your book group:

“Cinema Star” – Black Francis – Nonstoperotic

For when you are sharpening your sword collection and envisioning all your enemies in one room:

“You Don’t Just Want to Break Me” — Hawksley Workman — Meat

If you ever wish you were a dog wandering Canada helping people along the way:

“Maybe Tomorrow” — F&M — Sincerely F&M

For watching the last woman in the world stretch before she describes how she keeps herself sane to an imaginary studio audience:

“$O$” —Die Antwoord — $O$

When you realize that the bag of popcorn you are halfway done eating is actually peyote buttons:

“Go Do” — Jonsi — Jonsi

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