Aachen – Press Release

By Trent Wilkie (of Mostly Water Theatre)

Carl is a funny old man. In the autumn of his life, it’s time he makes a will. With his long time girlfriend having left him to live in Aachen, Germany, and trying to cut down on his weed consumption, Carl is not in the best of moods. Being who he is, he intends on video-taping his last will and testament and let everyone know what he thinks of them. During this ordeal, he learns about love, friendship and how they are equally ridiculous.

Written by Trent Wilkie and produced/sound designed by Brian Bergum, Aachen is a one person show that goes out of its way to not be like other one person shows. With a bevy of pre-recorded characters, a war flashback and a talking plant, Aachen is more of a glimpse into a moment in time rather than a one man play. Performed by Wilkie (Beneath Solid Ground, Ladyvision, Gargamel), Aachen is a comedic character study on what it’s like to get old and die…but in a funny way.

Venue #16 Filthy McNasty’s Pub 10511 82 Avenue

August 12 to August 15 6:00 pm — 6:55 pm

August 18 to August 21 6:00 pm — 6:55 pm

No shows August 16/17

Ticket Price: $10 Mature Audiences Only 18+

New Work: Yes

Youtube previews:


Lookin’ At’cha:


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