I think Rebecca (Becky Two-Fists) Anderson took this photo.


“Ryan Anderson is a songwriter and singer in the Edmonton based band F&M. Ryan loves his amazing wife and bandmate (and roommate) Rebecca Anderson. He enjoys live theatre over live music, wine over beer and has very little love for crowded parties but appreciates the invite.”

I like talking to Ryan Anderson. Even though we don’t always agree, we always have great conversations. Sure there is usually wine/beer involved. And sure, we talk loud and think we are the two smartest sons of bitches in the world when we do, but hey, our ids compliment each other. We see art and creation as a way of life not a lifestyle choice. Our bankbooks take a beating while our hearts beat stronger. You know what I mean jellybean?

If my memory serves me correctly, I remember one conversation where we covered The Pixies, Punch Drunk Love, graphic novels vs comics, what colour certain smells would be, eternal love, worst super hero powers, smoking crayfish, dualism and chopping wood with your face. As you can see there was a gauntlet and we ran it. I also remember us hugging at the end of it. I think.

My point is this: As a writer this is where a lot of my ideas get hashed out. It is not a formal ‘Hey guy I’m working on this idea’ (although sometimes it is), but it is formal in thought. It is great for dialogue and vernacular. To converse without superficiality like a mind sport. Dreams and inspiration and woe and the damned.

In the past (and hopefully in the future) I have worked a bit with Ryan. Mostly Water had Ryan and the lovely Becky on our Roxy Show as well as had us perform at one of their CD releases. In fact, Matt Stanton did a pretty aces and simple animation for one of their songs (I did one as well but it was lost in the ether. And by ether, I mean the sound booth at the Haven Social club). On top of all this, Ryan and Becky have done one of my favourite song covers ever. See below for said song.

One negative thing about Ryan: Automatonophobia

Editor’s note: Hang out request.


If you would give yourself a nickname what would it be?

My Liege.

If you could switch one body part with anyone else in the world living or dead, who and what would it be? 

Is a wallet a body part? Jay Z’s wallet.

In five words, describe your most uncomfortable dream. 

Evening at a hugging party. (you can substitute “hugging” with “hippy” if you like)

What is your favourite word?


What does that word smell like?


What is your spirit animal?

Basset Hound.

If ghosts existed, would you want to meet one? If so, what would you ask it? 

Ghosts exist, science proved this awhile back. For me, ghosts are like mice; I know they exist and I know they won’t likely hurt me… but when I do spot one I scream like an Polish school girl! I would ask a ghost nothing.

If you could share a bottle of alcohol with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be and what would you drink? 

“Share” is a pretty ambitious word… However a 1996 Château de la Gardine, Châteauneuf-du-Pape (Rebecca and I have an affinity for Rhone wines) would do just fine. I’d allow Lars Von Trier to film me in the process… Max Von Sydow would ask me random questions.

What would you rather have as a pet: A dragon, a unicorn Pegasus or Ezra Levant? 

Ezra Levant; like any pet that spews as much shit inside peoples homes as he does I’d hit him hard and I’d hit him often with a magazine until he listened to research and evidence.

Finally, if you could live your life over again with guaranteed success, what would you do? 


F&M Ryan and Becky

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