Jai Alai-ghts 2012


My apologies right off the bat. I’m going to do what most people hate. I’m going to drive my helicopter of self absorption to Lamesville and park it in Mayor Obvious’ spot and give Dr. Uncreative a call. Yep, I’m going to ‘best of 2012’ all over the place. Aside from the obvious (engagement to the lovely Miss Budd, meeting my sister, new job, full re-structuring of spine using alien materials), I’m going to try to cover the little things in life. Firstly: Do I think my opinion is so important that you should all consider me an expert on the passage of time and pay dear attention to what I consider memorable creations and happenings over the past year? I don’t know man, if you are reading this then you might as well just finish the whole thing. Seriously, it’s just a page on the internet. Secondly: Sheesh.


The iconic Canadian symmetry encapsulated in GOON is (sips coffee with pinky extended) tantamount to that of the smell of a single, solitary snow flake landing up your nose. It made ma laugh, it made me cry (from laughing), it make me craugh (both laughing and crying) and, it made me proud to see a Canadian movie that was utterly hilarious…with a little bit of thoughtful.


Listened to this one alot a lot and still do. How can you ignore the croon based vocal wind swirls and lyrical nakeness. Also, tantric pop hooks. There, that is everything I know about music. Song = good. Song = make feelings in me happen. That is all I have to say about Father John.


Meeting Stephen Hawking.


Excessively imaginative, smothered with imagery and relevance. Could have easily been candy, but Tim Noble an Sue Webster took the hard line and created something that grabs you and makes you think. A wonderful collection of statements and silhouettes.



Thank you 2012. Thank you for (in all honesty and sincerity) being the best year of my life.

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