The Western Wilkies

My father, Larry Wilkie, has been family tree building for a while. Every once in a while, he comes across something neat. We chat about it. It’s fun stuff.

In the past year, he met up with some relative who have been doing the same as he, just on the other side of country. In walk the Western Wilkies. My dad’s great grandfather’s brother (I think) took off west to ranch cattle while he (my dad’s great grandfather) stayed central (I think). This happened around 1913.

Anyway, there was a connecting hand reaching out from the left coast and blammo — a new arm of the family was exposed to me. Elizabeth and I were invited to the new found Wilkie’s 100th anniversary of the Wester Wilkie Homestead. So, Elizabeth and I drove to just outside of Settler, AB on Saturday, July 20th and this is what we saw.

picture1 barnsider homesteadgood homesteadfrombarn barnsky2 gardenhorns gardenskull girlinabarn barnwindow countryside countryside2 lizontario picture2 naturalborderhorse signatures plaquefromthetent plaquehandoff plaquereaction familyshot preshot girltree roadtohomestead cake

3 Replies to “The Western Wilkies”

  1. Trent, looks like a great trip to the homestead. Fun to explore one’s heritage. I wanted to let you know about a crazy idea. Hope you’ll participate.

  2. Hi Trent and Elizabeth. I’ve been reminiscing about the wonderful time we had at the Wilkie homestead at the 100th anniversary and how nice it was to meet you both. I’m the one in the generations shot first row, white pants and my sister Barb behind. My ticket seller Sam Sanderson, at the Kingston Frontenacs Hockey Team is relocating to Edmonton to work for the Edmonton Oilers Sports Group so I was telling him all about our trip out west and all the wonderful memories. Big hugs to you and Elizabeth…

    1. Hi Joan, nice to hear from you. I think about that trip a lot as well. Elizabeth and I had a wonderful time. Things have changed quite a bit since then. We’ve had a little bot who is almost two now and and have another little one on the way. How are you doing?

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