Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus

During a recent canoe trip down the North Saskatchewan River I had a rather interesting experience. While eating lunch on the river bank, a beaver swam by with a big-juicy-leafy-branch and I joked that if it wanted, there was a seat open by me. Well, it stopped swimming as I said this and turned towards me. It then swam at me and stopped about two feet away. We then ate our lunch in silence. Check for the video at the end.


Just swimming by with lunch when I called out. I hadn’t seen people in a couple of days at that point.

marcus secondWhen he stopped, I could have sworn he was going to give me the finger, but he swam towards me.

marcuslunchdateBoom, lunch date with Marcus. I don’t know why I called him that. He looks like a Marcus. For all I know, he could be a she OR could have both sets. Who knows really.

marcusleavesbetterWhen he was done he left. Nice guy really. Polite.

Bye Marcus.

2 Replies to “Eating with a beaver – OR – My lunch with Marcus”

  1. This is a wonderful video….great work. We saw a beaver a couple weeks ago swimming in the north Saskatchewan but didn’t see it this close, so thanks for that!!!

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