Every Last Wish – Danielle Knibbe – EP Review



Every Last Wish – Danielle Knibbe


6 song EP from Edmonton ex-pat now living in Toronto, Onterrible.


Works within the context of the album. Nothing too flashy, to the point and poignant. Like her music.


Crayon? Pencil crayon? Carefree and in the midst of change. Childish, but not in the negative sense. It says the artist/musician is still full of wonder, but only for so long…

Best song(s)

Some very strong tracks. The Storm is a standout, lyrically and thematically. There is a feeling to it. A lot of emotion invested in this folksy song of longing and sincerity. Brand New shows the creativity and character that Knibbe should run with. Love Me Most is a hook in itself, open and honest. A clear version of what Knibbe has done and will do.


Knibbe’s strengths are in her voice and her storytelling. Her guitar paints the pictures for her, but the pictures are the important part. Her voice is resonant with a unique gravely refinement both in timbre and control. The only thing this EP is missing is a three whiskey murder ballad about fist fighting the devil.

Every Last Wish does what an EP should. Showcases the abilities of the songwriter/performer and leaves you wanting more. A lo-fi collection of her in her element with some well chosen accompaniment.

Bar Personality (if the album were, you know, a person in a bar)

That quiet girl in the nice dress that is sitting alone until ten people show up for her birthday. The one that talks to everyone, not at everyone. The one that cries during happy birthday and tells her friends to shut-up when she really means she loves them.


3.85 angel Amy Winehouses’s out of 5.09.

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Every Last Wish – Danielle Knibbe

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