The birth of our child is more than just keeping the lovely little human alive, but keeping ourselves sane and compassionate for each other.

In the back of my head I keep saying that this has been done before (parenthood) and that we will be stronger for it, and so far we are. We are visiting places within our marriage that we haven’t seen before. Same goes for out personalities. Our psyches. Our identities.

Two very tired people. One a veritable food truck of perseverance and persistent beauty. The other, a conscientious partner who watches both child and wife in hopes of surfing the perfect wave. I am the surfer of course.

I am aware and in a constant state of malleability; adapting within self prescribed parameters.

Our little human is our hero’s test. We will both clean the stables of Olympus with the tools which we are adorned. One of which is love that is both glorious and absolute.


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