The story of the smiling rock

There once was a little boy and he was good.
He was happy and loved to smile.
His smile made everyone else around him smile.
Birds smiled. Trees smiled. Invisible cheese smiled.
His smile lit up the world. Well, not the whole world.
Gary the rock, he couldn’t smile.
You see, Gary was a rock, and rocks don’t have the proper parts to allow them to smile.
This made him sad.
So, one day, the rock set out to find the smiling little boy in hopes to learn to smile.
Gary rocked far and wide. Up and down. Out and inside.
Then he found the smiling boy, he said,” I’m Gary. A rock. I can’t smile.”
The boy smiled.
Then Gary said,”Could you help me smile? I would love to smile.”
The boy smiled.
“What say you,” asked Gary. “Will you help me smile?”
The smiling boy then unsheathed his smile sword and cut a line across Gary’s face.
From side to side, Gary’s smiled gaped very wide.
And then, a very happy Gary, died.


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