Ronnie Jimmie releases new comedy album

RonniePress3For those who don’t know, Ronnie Jimmie ‘The funniest man in Canada™’, is alive and well and living in Edmonton.

Fresh off his recent ‘Double Trouble’ tour, Jimmie is releasing the latest collection of his work in the form of a comedy album called ‘A Day Late and a Loonie Short’.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the former East Coaster at his home on the north side to not only ask him a few questions about he upcoming album, but to also find out where this can-con icon got his start in comedy.

He has been on the job for a while. In his first live recording, Ronnie Jimmie Having fun, things didn’t really go his way. Maybe it was the audience, maybe it was him, he isn’t really sure. One thing he is sure about though is the CBC really ‘Oh Shit’ the bed.

That didn’t stop Jimmie though. Still considered a ‘somewhat reliable comedic fellow’, the CBC tried again to give him a hand. This one, an attempt at a sitcom, didn’t far any better.

Even with those two failed projects hanging over his head, Jimmie was undaunted. Determined to start over he felt it was time to come to terms with his strengths, and at the same time, his weaknesses. Specifically, his drinking problem.

Hoping to put all this behind him, Jimmie is looking towards the release of his new album and to maintain his trade marked ‘Funniest man in Canada’ moniker, no matter where it came from.

FillAlbumSquareAnd taken it he has. In the heart. In the soul. And in the funny bone. He has taken it for comedy.

To hear A Day Late and a Loonie Short, visit HERE, HEREHERE or just scroll down to the bottom of the page for the Youtube link.

*BONUS JIMMIE (From his Angelfire Fanpage)

Here are some questions that Mr. Jimmie answered earlier this year to his fan club “The Jimmies” who have been around since Jimmie’s his first CBC special ‘Ronnie Jimmie Having Fun’.

Do you have any pets?

RJ: Actually, we just got a black Newfoundlander pup that we called Dark Roast. He’s cute as hell. In a few months, he’s going to be about 500lbs so we’re just trying to have fun with him while we can still pick him up. He’s a sweetheart.

Do you have any tattoos?

RJ: I do. I got it after my first show in Saskatoon in 1985. It’s on the bottom of my foot and it says, “Never Surendeer”. I don’t know if it was supposed to be a Corey Hart reference or what. They kept buying me drinks after the show and I woke up the next day with this shitty, misspelled tattoo.

What is your full name?

RJ: Ronald Donald Jimmie. I went by Ronnie Donnie Jimmie on stage for a while, but dropped the Donnie in the early 90s.

Any weird phobias?

RJ: I’ve got a bit of a phobia of being hit in the head with a beer bottle. But that’s actually happened to me a couple of times. So I guess it’s not really a phobia; I just don’t like getting hit in the head with beer bottles.

Ronnie Jimmie’s Facebook Page and his Twitter account.

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