‘Fantasy’ drenched with reality


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Cover artwork by Miles Kanne

Samara Von Rad’s first release is a fun little EP named Fantasy. This thoughtful collection (which she hopes will grow into a full-blown album) contains enough high-quality musicianship to make you forget that this rad-badness is as indie as fuck.

Track reviews:

Zombie in Love

A driving rhythm that is sonically and lyrically locomotive. The story of a zombie and a zombutterfly is a treat. ‘Zombie in Love’ is the fun portion of the EP as a three-piece trifecta. It acts as a table setter for the theme of this diverse rock collection. Fun and potent, the track is a giddy romp.


The title track tells of a barroom hero and how her life is as the title states. Von Rad cuts to the core of this plausible tale as her personal experiences have probably seen this re-diva-ing many times over after working in the bar scene in Edmonchuck. Stylistically the song is poppy and proud, driven by a smooth synth. This is the strongest track of the EP as it spins the fun of ‘Zombie in Love’ and the heart-wrenching storytelling of ‘All is Fair in Love and War’ against themselves.

All is Fair in Love and War

The third of the trio is stitched together with honesty. This track doesn’t have the pop hooks of the previous two songs on the EP, but it isn’t that type of song. It is a love song sung to someone loved but also about love itself. Good love. Bad love. All the shitty love that leads to redemption (sometimes). A strong presence of piano and drums sprinkles with haunting guitar licks. Like a second adolescence, this song kicks your heart right in the junk.

In all the EP is worthy of several listens. With the help of Ayla Brook on guitar, Chad Martin on bass, Adam Stark on Drums, and Ken Gregorio, Von Rad has started something good.

Her iTunes is HERE.

Spotify is HERE.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 11.24.21 PM
Samara in all her Von Radness Photo credit: Benny Chen Photography

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