Gift yourself (or someone else)

Hello everyone. As some of you know, I’ve started doing some collage…stuff?

(Note from my wife “They are really beautiful. Like, really really beautiful”.)

I don’t know what to call it, but it is very therapeutic for me. I’ve been asked by several people when I’m going to sell some of the work I’ve created. I don’t really feel comfortable selling the stuff I make for myself as it is pretty personal. But, if you are interested, I could make something special for you.

Here is an example of four pieces that I made for my family. My children’s names have been blocked out.


The breakdown:

It takes me roughly five to ten hours to make one.

I currently use National Geographic magazines (the best image source because of their diversity of photos of people, places, and things), but could incorporate source material you provide – as long as you are cool with me deconstructing it.

I use Mod Podge, paint and various sealers.

The bottom three were done on wood I recycled from a series of drawers from an old bed, the top is a wooden plaque from MICHAELS.

Each collage tells a story about the person I made it for (a written explanation accompanies each piece).

The concept:

If you are interested, you email me at

Then, I call you on the phone and we chat.

Like an inspiration interview. I get a glimpse of your personality or what moves you about the person (or couple) it is for. Colours, locations, hobbies, successes, accomplishments, years, dates, dreams, and more.

As a journalist I’ve done close to a thousand interviews, so I’ve got some experience.

We end our call, and I take it from there.

The cost:

As an introductory offer, the cost is $40 for a simple rectangular plaque. If you would like the collage on a specific style of wood or created for a unique location, we can discuss materials and time and come up with a price for custom work.

This price does not include shipping and handling (If you are in Edmonton we can talk about a charge free pick-up). Otherwise, I will provide you a shipping estimate based on your postal code, and I will probably let my four year old wrap it good, so the collage arrives to you in the condition it was sent.

What you get:

Personalized multimedia collage and the story crafted from the inspiration interview.

The variables are: if one wants it on a different wood canvas (size will dictate cost) and if you want something fancy done with the description of the piece as well (other than just a word document).

If you have any questions please ask.

The reason this is so affordable is because I find a joy in it that I never knew existed in me. Stay rad you crazy monsters.


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