Story Summit 2017: Ed Lantz

*This is the first in a series of stories focusing on a lovely little gathering in Banff called The Story Summit. I was invited there by the inventive people of AMPIA to cover the conference and I will be tweeting insights and photos from here, here, here, and here. Any questions or insights, email me … Continue reading Story Summit 2017: Ed Lantz


Extra Life 2015

My life is pretty good. Even when it is bad, it is still pretty rad. Hark: You can still donate if you like, but, consider this post a receipt for goods rendered. As for the proper tax receipt, see the third question down on this page. As for the theme of this post, I'm going with … Continue reading Extra Life 2015

Yeggies 2015

Back to the Future 6 Shot and edited by Darryl Merpaw Sound by Ryan Byrne Lights by Jesse Nash Written by Trent Wilkie Starring Jill Pollock and Trent Wilkie In a World Shot, edited, lit and audio by Brad Thomson Written by Trent Wilkie Starring Trent Wilkie and Christian Zyp

Send a friend some Dicks By Mail

What do you give someone who has everything? If you said a bag of dicks then you've come to the right place. Dicks By Mail is just that, a bag of (gummy) dicks sent anonymously to whomever you want. Be it your ex,  your boss, or just your friends, site owner and Edmontonian Brady Grumpelt thinks … Continue reading Send a friend some Dicks By Mail