Extra Life 2015

The hero and my hero.
The hero and my hero.

My life is pretty good. Even when it is bad, it is still pretty rad.

Hark: You can still donate if you like, but, consider this post a receipt for goods rendered. As for the proper tax receipt, see the third question down on this page.

As for the theme of this post, I’m going with the Emerson-esque ‘This year was very different from last year’.


The support from all over the country including Alberta, Ontario, Los Angeles and the moon.

Realizing that I’m probably playing World of Warcraft for the last time. I have to move on. It was a tough night playing solo.

Connecting with old friends.

Reaching this year’s, and beating last year’s, fundraising mark.

Late night chats with the birthday girl.

Lat night real chats with the birthday girl.

Lat night real chats with the birthday girl that were progressive in relationship based contextualization.

Getting to help put the little hoser to sleep.

Laughing to myself for a good fifteen minutes because I named my character ‘Parfashnugis‘.

Finishing with aplomb.


Going to bed super jazzed after being awake for 24 plus hours. First world problems, as they say.

If you are interested in donating click this link HERE.

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