Twitter Trend Sentences: October 27, 2010 – 4:20 pm

Not knowing or following any of these “trending topics” on twitter, I decided to take them and form them into sentences with themes.

Canada – Erotic theme

While Ray Cyrus got dark knighted by several happy cowboys, Colby Armstrong tished his Playstation phone right into Marie Claire’s “josemolina”. Then things got sexy.

United States- Gossip theme

In a play station phone interview, Marie Claire says that Ray Cyrus to play the Riddler in next Dark Knight movie that focuses on voter fraud in Gotham. Sex tape reviews to follow.

UK – Sports theme

A million pound John Cleese karmically won the Carling Cup away from Nanny Pat’s team, the Dark Knights.  He later on tished at the idea that his steroids were taking steroids.

Ireland – Political theme

Friday’s brown child housing bill to be released by Iphone. Inception of the inherent racism implied notwithstanding.

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