The Interview Project Part 3: Adam Rozenhart

Taken by Jerry Aulenbach

“Adam is the co-host and co-producer of a popular hyperlocal, talk-show podcast called The Unknown Studio. The show was born in 2009 out of a chance meeting in a bar. A lot of awesome stuff happens that way, including pregnancies. Adam is not currently with child.”

That in a nutshell is Mr. Rozenhart. A multitalented man with a penchant for power beards and intellectual swearing, Adam could be called a social media butterfly if that weren’t such a super lame moniker. Currently working at Calder Bateman Communications, Adam eats, sleeps and smokes online connectivity. You can find him on the twitter machine as @bingofuel. And now, his symbols that when connected together in your head make sounds with meaning:

If you would give yourself a nickname what would it be?

Adam Two-Fists.

If you could switch one body part with anyone else in the world living or dead, who and what would it be?

I’d switch my face with Gary Busey’s.

In five words, describe your most uncomfortable dream.

Butter. Popcorn. Forceps. Science. Tears.

What is your favourite word?


What does that word smell like?


What is your spirit animal?

The Mexican Stabbing Chihuahua.

If ghosts existed, would you want to meet one? If so, what would you ask it?

Yes. Does Jesus, in fact, wear cowboy boots?

If you could share a bottle of alcohol with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be and what would you drink?

I would drink Absinthe with Timothy Leary.

What would you rather have as a pet: A dragon, a unicorn Pegasus or Ezra Levant?

Ezra Levant. I imagine he’d be a “hit” at parties. Or rather, he would get hit at parties, and I’d be OK with that.

Finally, if you could live your life over again with guaranteed success, what would you do?

Be the first X-man.

And here is Adam at his sincere best, doing what he does well, loving Edmonton:

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