I Breaked

Fred Einaudi, “Necropolis”

I got myself a job writing and driving.

The writing is a different style of writing where I try not to use adjectives, only purvey functional information and attribute people to the things they say and delete the things they don’t. I’m really enjoying it. I have a desk and an office and the people around me surround me with positivity and I fit in and it’s comforting. I like working hard and the work is hard and it is hard work, but good hard.

I also drive a lot. About two hours a day. I’m not sure if I enjoy this. I’m getting used to driving again but it is tough. I used to drive between Algonquin Park and Toronto four times a week. The drive itself is four hours each way. I liked highway driving…I mean I remember liking it…I think? Let’s hope those memory muscles kick back in.

I will be returning to The Interview Project next week when I get used to the temperature of the water.

“Blessed be the woes of men; the ones they run from and the ones they live in.” Kenneth Edward Toddley

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