Of Snowplows, Haikus and Interviews.


I recently put out a calling on twitter for haikus. They range from the iconic to the impending. I took liberties with the titles. This is what I wonderfully got:

I Am A Truth Leviathan

A grey snowy day

I lost my purple pencil

Poetry is hard

– @senseincity

Televised Rhinoplasty

Wilkie wants hiaku

winter has me in hiding

I accommodate

– Christine Lesiak

Philip K. Dick Has Risen

I’m a twitter bot

I would like to follow you

Do you have a watch?

– Clinton Carew

Thank you all. Your ideas have filled a mine long since dry of miners. I am painting a picture of you in my heart; I use mostly panda blood.
ALSO:I’m starting the interview project back up. Let me know if you want to be interview projected.

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