Interview with Duns Broccoli

I do a lot of  online researching. What my wife would call wasting time on twitter or facebook or tumblr or the google machine, I call interactive understanding. I educate myself like a day dream. One link leads to another, to another; so forth/so on.

Every once in a while I come across a gem. Like this fun little ditty here:

Going by the handle Duns Broccoli, the rapsmith caught my eye with his interesting viz and funsome rappage. But also: The #yeg.
I immediately recognized WEM because I spent some time crying in the same food court in which some of the vid was shot. It hit home. Right in my home hole.Next thing I knew, I was e-mailing Mr. Broccoli to see if he was up for a quick little interview, because that is what I do. For some reason, when I see something interesting I like to draw attention to it. It is the hipster in me. The hipster in me that I make fun of when I make fun of myself. As my wife would say, I’m a hipstercrit.

Anyshoe, here we goo: 

When did you start writing music?

In high school this kid named “Philly-D” received mad cred when he battled some other guy in the gym. I thought that was cool, so I battled him and it was pretty lame but we became friends.

I didn’t start recording until about 2011. I went through a break-up and I was writing emo love raps. Long story.

Are you from Edmonton?

Yes I’m from Edmonton. YEG780BROGUY Laurier Heights, JP2006.

How do you conceptualize your videos?

I think “What’s the most Edmonton thing I could do?” and then I get my friend Charles to do all the work.

Who are your mentors/influences?

My mentors/influences… This is a hard question. I have to give props to my friend Thew Zastre for teaching me how to sample and mix. Musically I like DOOM, Nas and Gang Starr above all else in hip-hop. Outside of that, I’d say Daniel Johnston, The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

What is your joe job?

I don’t have a joe job.

Where do you want to go with your music? Do you see a future or are you just doing it for the creation?

I want to make a cult with this and rove the street at night causing a shit disturbance.

Do you have cohorts? People you usually work with/record with? 

Cohorts, I have a few. Shouts out to The Little Scrappy Fetus Crew, Philly-D, Bad Charles, The Bearded Kid and The Beautiful Beast.

Do you have any other creative outlets?

Yeah, I was the World Yo-Yo Champion in 2010 and I also paint, draw and do whatever else needs to be done.

(No shit agent Jensen Kimmitt)

What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m working on being happy. I’l keep you posted on a release date.


-Duns Broccoli

p.s. I like toitils.

Let me know when that happiness work drops, I got a few friends who would like to hear it.

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