The Dungarees at the Pawn Shop Feb. 27 – An interview with Robb Angus

Writing for a newspaper has its benefits and its detractions. Sometimes, the detractions are that stoic humour doesn't translate into print. I interviewed James Murdoch (second from left) of the Dungarees earlier this week and his answers were sound and to the point. I added Robb Angus (center) to this interview and his answers were...hard …


Bio: Lascaux Proxy is a new, electronic music artist intertwining performance, dance, and imagination. On TWITTER. On FACEBOOK. While listening to Lascaux Proxy's song Denoeument, I decided to go on a word journey to the land of dreams and wonder. WILL YOU JOIN ME THERE NOW? "As Elijah entered the viking combat pavillion, he said aloud, …

Nextfest: Rise Up!

The image above is somewhat illegal but verywhat fun to make.  Rise Up, a part of the Nextfest Nite Clubs, is tonight. I will be talking a little bit about the Wildrose shenanigans I got up to during the election. There will also be many other talented peoples there. Learn more here, here and here.

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