The Dungarees at the Pawn Shop Feb. 27 – An interview with Robb Angus

The Dungarees dungareeing
The Dungarees dungareeing

Writing for a newspaper has its benefits and its detractions. Sometimes, the detractions are that stoic humour doesn’t translate into print. I interviewed James Murdoch (second from left) of the Dungarees earlier this week and his answers were sound and to the point. I added Robb Angus (center) to this interview and his answers were…hard to translate unless you know him. Anyway, the Edmonton Examiner will have James’ answers, as Robb’s (not unlike his pre-show ritual) came in a ‘bit after last call’ as they say. Anyhoo, I’m not one to pass up on intrinsic hilarity. 

You’ve both been in different bands over the past few years, do you see the Edmonton music scene as evolving or has it always been somewhat similar?

Robb Angus – The scene itself has always been a strong one, despite the struggle we’ve had with venues sticking around.  There’s some really great stuff happening in this town and I’m proud to say our music comes from Edmonton.  I think the issue with venues here is a sign of some type of evolution, and in the end I know it will be a good one.  Overcoming hardships like that are always galvanizing in the end – regardless of the industry.

What brought the Dungarees together as a band? What makes this group unique?

RA – We wanted to put together a high energy band with a group of great musicians and start having some fun.  We’re unique in that we’re pulling some of the really great traditions and styles from classic country and mixing it well with more contemporary sounds.

Do you have any pre show rituals? Post show rituals? 

RA – My pre-show ritual usually involves showing up to the gig alarmingly late.  In ‘the biz’, this is called ‘big-timing’ your band mates and is generally considered highly disrespectful. However, it also asserts your superiority.  My post-show ritual is always the same: 3-6 hours of autograph signing.  In ‘the biz’, this is called ‘addressing your public’.

Are either of you Wiccan?

RA – Yes, both of us are wicked.  That’s a weird question….

What is your favourite cover song to play live?

RA – I’d have to agree with James and go with “Fat Bottom Girls” by Queen.

Why should people come out to your show? 

RA – The energy is great, the songs are great, the vocals are great, and I’m available for 3-6 hours of autograph signing afterwards.

If your music were a book, what book would it be?

RA – Hmmm.  Probably my Grade 7 science text.  It was full of obscene drawings and doodles from its previous Grade 7 owner.  (That’s a metaphor)

After all this time, what keeps you guys playing? 

RA – The honest answer is probably unfit for print, and the next best answer is that performing validates my unquenchable ego, but truthfully, I love making music with my friends and this group of guys are both great musicians and top-shelf guys.  Getting to make music with them is the best.

When is your frigging album coming out and what is it called and why doesn’t it suck? 

RA – We’re working on that right now.  We have almost enough material for the 1st album and we’re putting together the team of people who are going to help make it awesome.  It won’t suck because we usually throw out more ideas than we keep.  That must mean that our Turd Detectors are properly calibrated.

The Dungarees will be playing the Pawn Shop on Feb. 27 with Ridley Bent and Jake Ian & the Haymakers.

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