Saturn Cave, Cuba

From the water to the mouth of the cave.

I’v always been a fan of the natural world. From the simple harmony to the brash vastness, I consider it my place of worship. It is indifferent to me. I appreciate its honesty.

Found near Varadero, Saturn Cave (Cueva de Saturno) is a marvel of feral splendour. Elizabeth, the Bean and I were lucky to spend some time in it with just a few others. I say lucky because, as we were leaving,  a swarm of heathens descended upon the place destroying the tranquility. But I digress.

Walking down the stairs into the maw of the cave is breathtaking enough, but once inside my mind went primordial as I felt a wash of ancient awe flash through me. I’m honestly trying not to be too ‘Fancy Dan’ here with my wordage, but I am trying to do the emotions justice. I’ve seen a lot of natural wonders, but to quote my grandma, “This mofo rocked my mind’s ass.”.

The buoyancy of the water, the resonant din, the aged mineral scent on the air…it made me want to kill my food with my hands then thank the cave for giving it too me.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Experience it if you ever have the chance.

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