Her Art is Showing

Jill Pollock brings her game face to Bohemia on February 27th.

Jill Pollock: Musician. Humourist. Jocular analog collagist.

All these talents and more will be displayed on Saturday, Feb. 27 at Bohemia and Pollock will not be alone. Rounding out Pollock’s dream gig will be super talent team members

Zizi performing at North Country Fair.

Billie Zizi and Cayley Thomas. From Pollock’s perspective the three balance each other well and offer different things through their music performance. As Pollock puts it they all share a genuine self-assuredness and ownership of their art which adds to the night’s uniqueness.

“Cayley and Billie are powerhouses and stand-alone-wonderfully-elegant performers who excel in what they do,” said Pollock. “They are wicked musicians and really cool people in general. The reason I wanted them to be part of the show is because I like high quality shit.”

Along with the music, Pollock’s art will be on display. Best described as a pseudo-artisinal form of collaging, it is her current obsession. Her work features framed art salvaged from garage sales, second hand stores and wherever old time pictures and magazines are sold and/or stored. It is with this in mind that she has titled the show ‘Analog Collage Is Best’.

Thomas in a still from her video for ‘Hideaway’, shot by HighWire Films.

“The art will be for sale, but will stay up at Bohemia for a month,” Pollock said. “There will also be random trivia questions throughout the night, some of which (attendees) might know, but probably not. So basically the best, most ridiculous answer wins. Prints of my art will be given as prizes.”

Those who have seen Pollock before may know her for her ukulele work and her ability to turn an awkward moment into a hilarious story about when she was a child. One can expect the same deadpan comedic delivery, just don’t expect the uke.

“I am working on new songs without the Ukulele,” she explained. “I have a looper pedal, MicroKorg synth and a microphone. It’s all a work in progress but it titillates  me to combine cathedral vocals with beat box live, on the spot, raw and in your face.”

For more information on the event visit HERE, HERE, HERE and for the hell of it, HERE.

An as of yet unnamed example of Pollock’s collage work.






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