Sung to the tune of ‘Take it Easy’


I performed this bit for Booty Goose’s Weird Al Karaoke. It was a super fun night.

As the title says, it is sung to the tune of ‘Take it Easy’ by the Eagles.

It is called ‘Aroused by Sneezes’ (karaoke track found at the bottom):

Well, I’m running down the road

tryin’ to loosen my clothes

I’ve got allergy season in my face,


I saw she couldn’t hold it,

Her tiny hands just missed it

Turned me on when she sneezed all over the place


Aroused by sneezes

Aroused by sneezes

The face you make when it releases

Makes me scream for Jesus


I’ll clean it up if it misses your hand

I just hope you understand

My face is the place I want it to land

Aroused by sneezes


Well, I’m just talked to my doc

He was verily shocked

At my dream based fantasy

I’m the glass, you find, giving salad eaters peace of mind

When the mucous glory flies free

Come on, baby, don’t get anything in the way

I gotta watch your nasal love

As I embrace the spray


You may miss and you may hit

It’s up to me to make a landing place for it

I’ll open up, spray me down with that shit

Aroused by sneezes


Well I’m running down the road freshly glazed with a load,

got a sheen of bubbles in my eyes

lookin’ for another who embraces nostril thunder

They are so hard to find


Aroused by sneezes, aroused by sneezes

the sound of your own sneeze

Makes me weak in the knees


come on baby, don’t say maybe

I gotta know if your wet love is

gonna spray me,






Oh who got some sneezes

Oh there are some sneezes

I want you to sneeze in me


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