A bar walks into a man…


I’ve been many things in my life.

Hooker (rugby).

Fake dentist.

Town crier.

Punching bag.

Pack mule.



I’m using this time to transmogrify beyond all that into just what I am. And to quote Popeye, “I am what I am.”

I’m going to spend more time making things and less time talking about it. I’m going to put it all here, where it should be.

I’ve quit the social bullshits, so basically this will just be me talking to myself.  I will listen.

This will give me a healthy place to revisit all the crazy craps, all the self indulgences, all the things I wish glowed like the sun. The UnDad will slowly pass away, if it already hasn’t. I mean…yeah.

I do need a place like this, it is healthy for me. And  here we are. If there is anyone else here. I’m sure there is a Pink Floyd quote for this somewhere.

If you are interested in what I’m doing, or if I’m just yelling into the ether, this is the place to be. People used to care what I did, then I undermined most of it by going through some stuff and ostracizing myself from my friends. I’m ok with it. I mean, I did it on purpose. Not because of the friends, but because I sort of lost who I am. Or who I was. Or whatever that means.

This is all ok. This stuff is important. The stuff I’m going through. As we all are. As we should be.

Look at the little monster giving me a kiss in that picture. He thinks I’m worth it. He is right. That kid is god.

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