Expo Exploits

A series of shots from the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo that weren't used in print. My favourites of the misfit children.

The story of the smiling rock

There once was a little boy and he was good. He was happy and loved to smile. His smile made everyone else around him smile. Birds smiled. Trees smiled. Invisible cheese smiled. His smile lit up the world. Well, not the whole world. Gary the rock, he couldn't smile. You see, Gary was a rock, … Continue reading The story of the smiling rock

Tamarind Nectar beverage review

At the suggestion of Andriko Lozowy and the Sailin' On vegan food truck at the Edmonton Folk Festival, I've decided to review the Tamarind Nectar beverage from Jumex. Lozowy suggested it was a hard sell which made me a bit hesitant, but as a man who once ate his weight in Big Turk bars, I've never been … Continue reading Tamarind Nectar beverage review