Mostly Water Theatre’s new album drops, gets dusted off, then released

Mostly Water Theatre


Over the past ten years, we’ve accumulated a collection of songs about dogs, Alberta towns, winter and exploding penguins. These songs – performed on CBC’s Irrelevant Show, at North Country Fair, and on various stages throughout Alberta – have been a popular part of our repertoire.

This album is a collection of some of those songs. And the very lovely and super talented James Murdoch (The Dungarees, The James Murdoch Band) produced, recorded and mastered the whole damn thing.

Having performed countless times in the now destroyed Roxy Theatre, Mostly Water Theatre will donate 15% of album sales to Theatre Network.

Produced and recorded in Edmonton’s Norwood Studio, the album features local A-list musicians Nathan Carroll, James Murdoch, and Bradford Tebble.

All the songs are written and performed by the stupid idiots in Mostly Water.

So have a beer. Take a listen. And I don’t know…

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