2 Replies to “More Ron Leech Quotes”

  1. Your comment may of hurt some but the truth always hurts!
    In your area you are the minority.

    I find it very disturbing how Canada treats the true Canadians of our country. As a immigrant you get so much to start your life in Canada while Canadian’s suffer.
    As a immigrant they work for less cause our government gives them  subsidies as a Canadian we take the low paying job and have to take two of them ti afford our bills THANKS CANADA. 
    As a business order that will soon go out of business due to the rates these people are charging.  In some cases it is 40% less my rates are what they are so I can pay people a decent living. The staff of the customers I have lost to these people  tell me the service is terrible some have said it starts off cheap but all the extra charges they add to invoice works it out to the same or more. I understand where the companies I have lost are coming from they are try to stay competitive. Cause companies hire these people cheap they are the only ones that can afford it!

    Wake up Canada I was born here where my break in life.

    Good for you Mr leech for saying the obvious us Canadian’s are turning into the minority!

    1. You do realize that all Caucasians are immigrants to Canada as well don’t you? I mean, the First Nations were ostensibly here first but I’m guessing that doesn’t fit into your argument.

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