The Interview Project: Interviews 1 – 10

I started this project on a lark. I had an idea about what I wanted but this has grown to be so much more and the excellent interviewees are getting a plethora of response from a cacophony of people. If you know of anyone who should be a part of this, or you yourself would like to be interviewed, fire me an email at trentwilkie(at)

Here is the first ten collected nicely for your perusal:

1. Gregg Beever

2. Sam Varteniuk

3. Adam Rozenhart

4. Fawnda Mithrush

5. Scott C. Bourgeois

6. Mike Angus

7. Jeff Samsonow

8. Amy Shostak

9. Ryan Byrne

10. Craig Martell(ica)

More to come…

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