The Interview Project 35: Sarah Sharkey


“Sarah Sharkey is the daughter of a pilot and the mother of no one. Born and raised in Edmonton and a trained theatre actor.”


– She practices her Welsh accent when people aren’t looking. Sometimes when they are.

-She has a couple of songs about dragons and fairies that just don’t sound right until she busts out some Welsh.

– When close to Stanley Park in Vancouver she it tempted to interact with racoons but they terrify her to no end.

-She considers that a strange perversion.

-She tries to stare them down but is worried that one will sneak up behind her and she’ll scream and go home feeling violated.

– She is unaware that racoons are cousins to wolverines and is excited to hear that they are also cousins to honey badgers.

– Sometimes the racoons call out to her at night and she can’t sleep because of this.

– She thinks she hates them because of this.

– As a kid she used to paint until 4 or 5 in the morning.

– This is her ‘Occupy 2011’ song, her second favourite song of all time:

– She studied about large testicles in college.

-When she was younger, her father used to take her on helicopter rides.

-This, according to her a year ago, is her favourite song:


If you would give yourself a nickname what would it be?


If you could switch one body part with anyone else in the world living or dead, who and what would it be?

The face of Nicholas Cage.

In five words, describe your most uncomfortable dream.

And then I actually peed.

What is your favourite word?

‘Fortuitous’ is in high circulation these days but I strongly enjoy ‘Hawrelak’ especially in conjunction with ‘park’. Combined, it’s like the onomatopoeia of a dog puking. ‘Onomatopoeia’ is also a good word… I’m going to go with ‘Onomatopoeia’.

What does that word smell like?

‘Onomatopoeia’ smells like it sounds.

What is your spirit animal?

The sea otter.

If ghosts existed, would you want to meet one? If so, what would you ask it?

I’d meet a ghost for sure. I’d ask it to be my friend… or lover… Do you mean “ghost” like Casper or Patrick Swayze? There is a difference.

If you could share a bottle of alcohol with anyone who has ever existed, who would it be and what would you drink?

I would have a bottle of Lagavulin 16 years with the first person who walks by.

What would you rather have as a pet: A dragon, a unicorn Pegasus or Ezra Levant?

A unicorn pegasus

Finally, if you could live your life over again with guaranteed success, what would you do?

Everything the same… just more successfully.

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