The Interview Project 11-20

Collection number two of The Interview Project. I would say these are fun but fun wouldn’t be the right word. It wouldn’t be the wrong word, just not the right one. Banana bread would be the wrong word. ‘These are banana bread’ doesn’t even make sense. Who would say such a ridiculous thing? Not this guy, no way. This guy here has self control and understands what words mean. These interviews are fuchsia. Yeah, that works. Nailed it.

11. Amy Neufeld

12. Nick DenBoer/Smearballs

13. Paul J. Blinov

14. Grant Wawrzynek

15. Clinton Carew

16. Brittney LeBlanc

17. Riley Beach

18. Lindsey Walker

19. Marty Chan

20. Saylish Haas

If you know anyone who should be added to this list email trent(at) More to come…

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