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Tomorrow will be my birthday and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. So, I’ve done what any self-absorbed nitwit would do. I’ve created a top ten list the most visited posts on my blog. Also, I had a good old fashioned pity cry/laugh in the shower. Who is your hero now Canadian astronaut and inspirational lecturer Christopher Hadfield!?! (Italicized/grey text leads to actual posts)

Number 10

What if famous literary characters moved to Edmonton? – 1098 hits

Number 9

Interview with porongrapher/educator Buck Angel – 1623 hits

Number 8

One of the most disturbing films ever made… – 2388 hits

Number 7

Church – 2507 hits

Number 6

Kids in the Hall’s Bruce McCulloch – 2690 hits

Number 5

Fight! Ravers VS Hippies – 3426 hits

Number 4 

Charles Bukowski (this shouldn’t really count, no original content on my behalf) – 4020 hits

Number 3

Insidious: Movie Review – 4231 hits

Number 2

So Loving – 4262 hits

Number 1

Fight! Fairies VS Leprechauns – 4681 hits

Number 1 also lead in the amount of hate-mail category. I received 15 very angry e-mails from people arguing the outcome, or which was more real.

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