Sassy Ray’s Halloween Burlesque at the Registry Theatre

On Halloween The Registry Theatre in Kitchener (Onterrible) hosted Sassy Rays’ Tales From The Strypt and the two went together like scared and sexy screams. Hosted by Randy Johnston and featuring a bevy of humorous, seductive and scary teases, the night was wonderballs. A perfect mixture of humour, horror, sensuality — all with a thriller of an ending.

Also: fire boobies.

From Sassy’s site:

“Sassy Ray has been featured in The Record, Spin, The Spoke and Burlesque Beat publications, and was recently viewed nation wide on Global TV News Toronto.  Through the years she has been fortunate enough to share the stage with such burlesque legends as Roxi D’Lite (Miss Exotic World 2010), Minnie Tonka (NYC Royalty), Burlesque Hall of Fame members Tanya Cheex and Mitzy Cream and Toronto’s own international super star Coco Framboise.”

Without further ado…




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