23 and (adopted) Me

In a moment of late night pregnant online shopping/nesting/love my opulent wife bought me a DNA test from the groovy people at 23andMe. I spit in a vile. I mailed it away. I waited. Subplot: I'm adopted. My parents never hid this from me. I've written about it in several places. HERE and HERE (page 8) for example. … Continue reading 23 and (adopted) Me


Sung to the tune of ‘Take it Easy’

I performed this bit for Booty Goose's Weird Al Karaoke. It was a super fun night. As the title says, it is sung to the tune of 'Take it Easy' by the Eagles. It is called 'Aroused by Sneezes' (karaoke track found at the bottom): Well, I'm running down the road tryin' to loosen my … Continue reading Sung to the tune of ‘Take it Easy’

Saturn Cave, Cuba

I'v always been a fan of the natural world. From the simple harmony to the brash vastness, I consider it my place of worship. It is indifferent to me. I appreciate its honesty. Found near Varadero, Saturn Cave (Cueva de Saturno) is a marvel of feral splendour. Elizabeth, the Bean and I were lucky to spend some time in it with just a … Continue reading Saturn Cave, Cuba

Unknown Studio no more

The Unknown Studio is dead. Long live whatever other stuff Adam and Scott do. I wanted to get something done quickly for the Unknown Studio's final podcast. Having been a guest several times, I have a respect for both Adam and Scott's work. Plus, we've started a professional mini-putt team called Putt It In Me … Continue reading Unknown Studio no more

Doing Santa’s Dirty Work

In the beginning there were dicks by mail. Then came the glitter bomb. Now, with Christmas around the corner, those jerks in your life can get their comeuppance: coal. “With the influx of ‘ship your enemy x’ businesses popping up left and right, I thought it would be really cool to do something different,” said NaughtyCoalBox.com … Continue reading Doing Santa’s Dirty Work

Extra Life 2015

My life is pretty good. Even when it is bad, it is still pretty rad. Hark: You can still donate if you like, but, consider this post a receipt for goods rendered. As for the proper tax receipt, see the third question down on this page. As for the theme of this post, I'm going with … Continue reading Extra Life 2015